Le Taureau Brass Wall Hook

Le Taureau is a wall hook made of solid brass. It is approximately 3” by 2.5” and a hefty 1/8” thick. It is attached to the wall with included solid brass screws.


Brass is a noble material that will develop patina with time. The patina will give each Taureau its unique character and slightly darken its appearance.

It can also be polished for an understated lighter gold appearance.

Le Taureau is made of solid brass so you do not need to worry about the finish getting damaged or peeling off. It will outlast you. Seriously.


We chose a thick material to ensure it will last decades and can hold heavy loads. If your wall can handle it, so can Le Taureau. Exactly the type of behavior you would expect from a bull.


Install it anywhere in minutes with the included solid brass screws. You can screw it into walls, doors, furniture, cupboards…

Le Taureau’s low profile (a tad over ½”), compact size and simple design make it the ideal hook for the kitchen, office, bathroom, bedroom, hallway or garage.

You can hang shirts, hats, keys, tools, pictures, etc…

The only limit is your imagination.


Le Taureau works great in herds of 3 or more bulls.

To pledge for more than one Taureau, simply multiply your pledge by the number of Taureaux you want.


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