Two ways to access Custom Google Maps on the Web

google map


When Google starting offering a new version of Maps on the Web, many users thought it would deliver improvements on the current site. Unfortunately, many of the beloved features, like Custom Maps and multidestination directions, disappeared.

Back in July, the new interface became available to everyone who wanted to switch. But for those of us with custom maps, we weren’t having any part of that new and featureless version! Fortunately, Google has been slowly rolling out some of the Classic Maps features you know and love, and now better access to Custom Maps is finally here.

Here are two ways to access your maps:

Note: You will need to be logged in to Google services and using the new version of Google Maps to see your maps.

First method: Head to in your Web browser and click the search bar. Recent searches — as well as preset addresses like Home or Work — will appear. At the bottom, there will be a choice labeled “My custom maps.” You can choose from one of the maps displayed in the list, or you can click “See all of my custom maps.”


Second method: This is probably faster, but requires you to go to a different Google site — Maps Engine. Point your Web browser to Next, click Open a map, and choose your map from one of the categories. It’s most likely that your maps will be listed under the Classic category on the left.

Both methods will ultimately lead you here:

What do you think of the new Google Maps on the Web? What features from the old version are you missing the most?


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