YouTube reveals its top 10 videos for 2013 (What Does YouTube Say?)



There are more than 6 billion hours of videos watched on YouTube each month so it’s certainly a barometer of what may be viral or popular in the mainstream. With that, the Google-owned video site is once again releasing its annual list of the top videos and channels of 2013.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Yivis’s The Fox (What Does The Fox Say?) takes top billing as the top trending video while Psy’s Gentleman ranks as the top trending music video of the year.

So what other videos were the most popular of the year? YouTube rounds out the top 10 thusly:

There’s certainly no doubt that music videos have become exceptionally popular on YouTube and so the social network company decided to create a separate list for this category. Miley Cyrus not only appears near the top, but has two of her videos featured: Wrecking Ball and We Can’t Stop. Katy Perry’s Roar (Official), and P!nk’s Just Give Me A Reason make up the top five popular ones of 2013.

Lastly, YouTube listed the top 20 channels to gain the most subscribers this year. This year’s most popular channels were PewDiePieHolaSoyGerman,SmoshRihannaVEVO, and OneDirectionVEVO.

And as always, here’s the company’s Year in Review video:


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