Google Drive iOS app finally lets you sort items and find and replace in documents

2013-12-10 16.51.47


Google Drive has a fantastic iOS app that has had one glaring, nearly unforgivable, missing feature since it launched: the inability to sort your files in any meaningful way. The absence of a sorting function made findinganything in a folder with lots of files a pain. But the time for rejoicing has arrived fellow Drive fans. A new update has been released, finally bringing our much-needed sorting, along with a new editing feature.

Version 2.2.0 adds the ability to sort files a number of ways — last edited by me, last modified, last opened by me and title. For people who share folders with other users, the ability to differentiate between the last folders you and another person have edited is incredibly useful.

On the editing front, users now have the ability to find and replace in documents, making on-the-go corrections and proofing easier than ever on the app.

You can find the update and the app for free in the iTunes store.


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