Add an invisible keyboard to Android devices 4.0 and up



Fleksy just came out of private beta, and now it’s available on the Google Play store for everyone to try it out. It has its own classic-style keyboard layout, a compact mode, and better yet — invisible mode. You’re probably wondering why you might want to use a keyboard you can’t actually see. Well, three reasons come to mind:


Extra screen real estate — Whether you’re using a device with a small screen, or something the size of a Galaxy Note, you’ll see more of your apps when using this keyboard.

Impressive auto-correction — This keyboard offers some pretty solid auto-correction, as it should, since you can’t really see the letters you’re tapping. Additionally, the gestures for choosing or rejecting suggestions are top-notch.

Novelty — Remember how cool Swype’s tracing method was when you first saw it? Typing on a screen that shows no keyboard is a pretty neat trick to share with your friends and family.

Ready to give it a try? Let’s get started:

Install a copy of Fleksy on your Android 4.0+ device. The app is free for 30 days ($3.99 after), so if you decide it isn’t for you, there’s not much to lose.

After installing, you’ll need to enable the keyboard and set it as the default choice. You can do this through the Settings > Language & input menu, or just open the app and it will guide you through the process.



Fleksy tutorial.


When your keyboard is configured, the tutorial will start. You’ll learn the gestures used for auto-correction, spacing, punctuation, and other tips.



The Look & Feel menu in Fleksy.


After you finish learning how it works, you can make some other adjustments in the app menu, such as color theme, typing sounds (toggle and volume adjustment), and haptic feedback. Then, just head into any app and start using the new keyboard. To switch layouts, swipe down with two fingers to use the small version, and then again to use the invisible mode. When you need to type a password, it’s very likely you’ll need to switch back to a visible layout.


What do you think? Is this a keyboard you can see yourself using on a daily basis? If not, name your favorite in the comments.


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