How to delete and pause your YouTube watch history

It seems that with its recent Google+ update, YouTube has taken its finger off of the pause button on your watch history. YouTube tracks the videos you watch, providing a convenient list should you want to return to a video you vaguely recall watching in the past. If you had this feature paused before YouTube’s update this month, your watch history is once again rolling.

Your watch history is viewable only from your account, but that doesn’t mean a friend using your computer couldn’t accidentally discover your LOLcats obsession. Thus, now is a good time to review your watch history management options.

To view your YouTube watch history, click on the History link in the upper-left menu. You can delete your entire history by clicking the Clear all watch history button at the top of the list. And you can stop YouTube from adding to the list by clicking Pause watch history. You can also remove particularly embarrassing videos by selecting the check boxes next to them, and then clicking Remove.


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