How To Detect and Get Rid of Android Spyware

In this current generation, Virus, Spam Bombs, Trojans and Worms are considered to be the most feared and dreaded privacy threats in the world computers. Even the most basic users know how these forms of viruses can disrupt a system and steal all your personal details.

In case you though that with the switch over to the world of Android phones made you immune to this problem, then thinks again. The Android platform has become the newest playground for hackers, crackers and the likes. There have developed several techniques to not only break into your Android phone without your knowledge, but also in ways that make your once secure and easy life a little more difficult.

One of the major threatening security issue faced by majority of Android Smartphone and tablets all over the world, is the inconspicuous Android Spyware also known as the Android Spy Phone Software. Unlike other forms of intrusive malwares that built to cripple your gadgets operations, the spyware works by giving then intruder an easy access to your phone and allows them to acquire details about your call history, text messages, current location, chat history, mails and even video conferences that you may have carried out. However, just like there are different ways of detecting and removing malwares from your PC, the same applies when it comes to Android malwares. So, how do you go about removing malware from your Android device?

There are two ways through which you can get rid of an installed malware from your Android device. You can either use the assistance of your carrier or by going at it yourself bare knuckles. For majority of average Joe’s (those who do not understand the inner working of their device) using the local carrier is the best and most effective way of not only getting rid of the malware, but also retaining the configurations of your Android device such that you do not have to request your friend to reconfigure it for you. However, if you are one of those gizmo geniuses who know everything about anything, you can easily format the phone yourself, re-customize and have it back running in no time. But before you opt for this, here are some common signs to look out for when determining if you have an Android Spyware or any other form of malware on your Smartphone.

1. Unusual drainage of battery

Are you finding that all of a sudden the battery lifespan of you Smartphone has reduced considerably these days? If you are, there are high chances that you have a spyware installed on your device. Android spyware by nature works as some kind of hidden dynamic repository. It is built to perform many functions simultaneously such as call recording, text backups and at the same time consistently trying to establish an online connectivity to send these collected data to the intruder. All these different activities have the effect of quickly draining your battery resources even when you are not using your device.


2. Suddenly decrease in device performance

Performance is one of the key selling points of any android device. Like a PC, the more you have more processes running, the slower your device will respond. Thus, if you are used to having fast responses from your device and then out of blues it starts hanging on you, without you having introduced something new, you are likely to have been infected by a malware.

3. Unexpected increase in your data rate plan

Has there been unexpected increase on the bill of your data plan? An Android spyware is a data plan addict. For it to perform its intrusive and reporting duties it has to make consistent use of internet connectivity. Due to this, whether you are actively connected to social media, just doing light browsing or idol but you have not deactivated internet connectivity, the spyware will continuously make use your data plan. As such, if you suddenly had to pay more for your connectivity and you never did any heavy browsing or download, you are likely to have a spyware within your Android system.

There are many other ways of detecting if you have an Android Spyware installed on your device. These three are the easiest ways of going about it.


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