The rising crime rate against women especially children in developing countries is appalling. The lethargy of law enforcement agencies have rendered otherwise tough laws redundant. Corruption is the worst nightmare for women. India a relatively safe country has become dangerous for women, where even 4 year old girls are not safe in their own homes. Shameful for a country which worships goddesses and virgin girls. There is a desperate need for Human Rights Activism which will be free of local interferences. There should be a human rights courts having a single world office where all crimes against women must be tried and punished, taking out local tampering. Since the world has become a global village, its high time we have single world bodies with representatives from all member nations.
      It is high time morally thinking people get together to stop immoral outrages against the meak.

      Nothing can justify such an appaling fact in developing countries. However, the issue of why this is happening has always been overlooked. The reason for this is that as much as our countries guarantee that women are given equal rights as men, walking side by side to each other, unfortunately in this day and age women are still considered the ‘lower sex’ in authority.

      What should be noted here is that in developing countries, even if there is a law that will be brought to safeguard crimes against children and women, there is no hope in those rights being guaranteed to the citizens of that country, as in developing countries government (selfish and corrupt in most cases) is above the law and everyone else is helpless to try and change this fact.

      My personal view is that community integration is necessary. However, the line of invclusion and intrusion often gets tangled up. Although, having a central human rights court sounds like a good idea, in practice it will not work so well.


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