Nokia Preparing a Phablet with 21MP PureView Camera?



Nokia reportedly preparing for a super sized phone called phablet,the Nokia Phablet expected to bring new experience in camera technology + business and entertainment
This phablet expected to kill Galazzy Note 3
The phablet looks very slim and light,and its the 2nd monster maybe will come this year after Lumia EOS
Here’s the rumoured specs of the phablet

-all new snapdragon Processor
-Full HD/2K resolution screen
-5-6 inch screen
-4K video recording?
-camera/lens cover like EOS
-waterproof technology?
-running wp8 GDR 3/Windows Phone blue 8.1
-a refreshed design language
-there are two prototypes one with polycarbonate body and one with aluminium body
-large battery life
-true wireless charging (?)
-Micro SD slot(?)
-running on new screen technology like a new generation of PureMotionHD+ and Clearblack display
-16-21MP camera
-large internal memory
-variable aperture also spotted in prototypes
-colourful design meet a true precision
-release date in end Q3-Q4 2013 or Q1 2014


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