The Danger with Facebook Pages

Plato on-line

Dashburst-dislike-button-stop-sign-300x225Do you have a FB page you rely on heavily? If FB bans it for some reason, you are banned from creating any more new pages
Why would your Page get banned?

‘How to avoid such a situation
There are many reasons for which your page can be shut down including:

1) Your Page does not follow Facebook Page guidelines
2) You do not adhere to Facebook contest guidelines
3) Your Page does not follow Facebook Advertising guidelines

Here are some quick tips to avoid such a situation:’

Where tweeters get publicly shamed
“Public Shaming” is a Tumblr blog created by Matt Binder
You could also submit tweets from composers you want to shame

‘I started retweeting people complaining about welfare, food stamps, etc. and then following it up with a previous tweet of theirs that makes them look hypocritical/dumb/etc.

‘I discovered that as I would retweet these, my…

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