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The Life of Sonja's Blog

To me, social media, such as Facebook, is important for the fact that I enjoy connecting with friends, family and acquaintances.   I also love checking up what is new with my favourite celebrities through groups, events and pages.  I do, however, keep my profile very private to those that are not a Facebook friend.  To those who are, I do not post my age, address or what my relationship status is.  To me, that stuff is personal. 

The article by Sherry Turkle was very interesting on why people are so attached to social media.  In her TEDtalk, she explains that people use social media because we get so much attention and feed back from almost everyone, we are always able to speak our minds and that we are never alone.  As pathetic as that sounds, she is right! It is like a subconscious thought, and it took me awhile to…

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